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Seton Kids Campership Fund

Project History


2013: Gwenn Connolly attends a fundraiser where Leigh Anne Tuohy — the woman who inspired the movie, The Blind Side — spoke. Gwenn was so moved by her speech that she began to think about what she could do to make a change in a deserving child’s life.


When Gwenn (a former CYO Summer Camp, Staff Alumni) talked it over with her sister Karen Vetter (a former CYO Summer Camp, Camper Alumni) they both thought about the life-changing effect Summer camp can have on a child’s life.


They knew right then who they would help and what they would do. They knew CYO Summer Camp could make a difference for some special kids.


At the time, Gwenn was a volunteer art teacher at St Elizabeth Seton School. She knew those kids would never have a chance to go to summer camp – unless she and Karen helped, so in...


2014: Gwenn and Karen decided they’d raise money to help send a few kids to camp that summer. They ended up getting enough money to send 8.


2015: They raised enough funds to help send 23 kids to camp. 


2016: 30 lucky kids were able to go to camp with your support. 

2017: 30+ grateful kids from Seton were able to go to camp with your support. 

2018: With generous support from our donors 30+ enthusiastic kids from Seton were able to go to camp


This year, with the generosity from CYO Camp alumni, family, friends and parishioners, our goal is to raise $10,000 and help send 30 kids to CYO Camp.


Whatever you can contribute will be greatly appreciated. 


Your contribution is tax deductible.

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